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Saturday, February 18, 2006

1 Thing That Malaysian Politicians Lack

There is an write-up on a Malaysian entrepreneur Dr. Nik Mohd Zain Omar at This is what the article teaser stated (in Malay),
Orang politik perlu membabitkan diri dengan perniagaan bagi membolehkan mereka menjadi pemimpin yang berkesan, kata pemilik syarikat perkapalan Nepline Berhad, Datuk Dr. Nik Mohd Zain Omar. [click here for more]
Let me translate it in English,
Politicians needs to involve themselves in business to enable them to be effective leaders, says the owner of shipping company Nepline Ltd, Datuk Nik Mohd Zain Omar. [click here for more]
In Malaysia, the general perception is that there is already tremendous participation of politicians in the business space of the country. And it is usually in the form of corruption and cronyism.

But this is not what this Malaysian entrepreneur probably meant. I think he is
trying to point out the fact that many of the government public enterprises failed and are failing are due to the lack of real world business experience of our leaders. Most of them were thrust into administrative positions that requires them to run multimillion ringgit worth of assets.

They often fail to perform because these responsibilities require a business savvy individuals. More entrepreneurial spirit. Getting popular votes for the elections does not necessarily one becomes a good leader overnight. I think Datuk Nik Mohd Zain Omar has a good point here.

I would like to add, maybe most of them has no business to be part of the elected representatives too. Maybe they would do the whole country good if they just stay at home and mind their own business.


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