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Thursday, February 16, 2006

5 Reasons Why This Blog Is Not Really About Money!

Some of you would be turned off by the words "Money Mastery" of my blog title. But if you think this blog is only obsessed about making money then you are wrong.

Below are my personal reason to embark on a Money Mastery Quest:

1. I value TIME more than money. I believe time is more important than MONEY. It's really important to buy back my time. Right now, I am chained to the reality of needing a 9-5 job. That takes away 8 hours of my life. I want to buy that time back. I don't want to keep growing older having less and less time for my family.

2. I value RELATIONSHIP more than money. Many relationship problem rise due to conflicts in the way we manage money and money expectations. If I value my relationships, I must be able to master my personal financial habits. I also need to master a way of talking about money to the people that I love. I must find a way so that money conflicts becomes a starter of open discussions about money decisions and not something that divides two people in love.

3. I value PURPOSEFUL work more than money. Purposeful work is a job that you cherish and are passionate about. Many people are in a job because they need the money. They are scared to go out solo and start their own thing.

The idea of being stuck in a job, will never exist if more and more people are enterprising. But entrepreneurship is risky. It's safer to be in a job, whether it is purposeful or not. But being stuck in job you hate is like being stuck with a girlfriend that you don't love. Or married to a spouse you never cherished.

Thus, I believe if I wish to have a purposeful and passionate job, I must start a business and be more entrepreneurial. For that I need to master money because many business fail in the first five years due to financial mismanagement. Heck, if I mismanage my personal finance is it rocket science to see that I would bring the same cancer to a business?

4. I value CHARACTER more than money. I realise now that the discipline of managing money in a right spill over to other areas of my life, turning me into a better student, work associate, family member. It forces me to hold closely the principles of personal integrity, discipline, delaying gratification. For example, making budgets forces me to prioritize my needs and wants and discipline my impulse for quick gratification.

Yes, mastering money can build character.

5. I value MONEY. Surprised? Yes, money do have value. Since childhood I keep hearing people say that money is evil. But now I see, money is not evil but rather the heart of men. Money has it's own value. There are things that money can and cannot buy. I want to understand this invention of man called money. If I understand the value of money, I would be a master to it and not a slave to it.


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