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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Spiderman Needs A Financial Planner

Spiderman 2 was released about nearly two years back, but even a repeat viewing does not diminish its entertainment value. It was one of the rare movie sequels that was better than its first installment.

Watching it again prompted me to make a few observations.

1. I sincerely feel Peter Parker really do need a financial planner. Our friendly neighbourhood superhero seems to have "never ending woes" when it comes to money management.

Perhaps if he is more careful with managing his money he won't be in such a bad shape trying to always hide from his landlord when it comes to paying rent, and other financial obligations that a young adult has.

2. I also believed that if the Super Villain, Dr. Octopus knew how to invest his money, he won't need to steal money from the bank to further support his research work.

If they can't afford the money, I think grabbing a book by Robert Kiyosaki, or Suze Orman would surely help them see how important money skills are to achieve their goals in life. Money skills are critical survival skills today that is more important than jumping over buildings, fighting masked men in public and wearing spandex costumes.

If I ever meet these guys...I would give Spidey a copy of "The Richest Man In Babylon." And to Dr. Octopus "The Millionaire Next Door."

Maybe I am stretching too much "money talk" for the movie. Anyway, I must confess that, Spiderman 2 really is one hell of a movie. Highly entertaining. Full of action. On second thought, if these two masked character had financial planners---it probably won't be this entertaining!


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