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Monday, April 24, 2006

An Amazing Poem About Money And Modern Life

The Thoroughly Modern Man


They tell me that
I can have thousands
of naked women
at my beck and call
slipping unnoticed
through a tiny wire
in my wall

They tell me that
I can own the treasures
of China and Europe
by driving my car
a mere five miles
to their
weekend only
parking lot super-sale

They tell me that
for $59.95
plus shipping and handling
I can quickly learn to master
my emotions
my work
my wife
my life

And they tell me all of this
with a straight face
assuring me that
if I cannot
pay now
I can pay later

In January
Or something

I am applauded
even rewarded
for being a flat-broke
perverted pack rat
with a bad marriage
and no

It is an old place,
the Vanity Fair
but its merchants
now wield ivy-league MBA’s

And its hours of operation
are no longer confined
by space and time

But only by
the imagination
and affections

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